Sor Family Security Policy

Sor The Sound of Cleanliness

Inspired by women who add value and beauty to life, Sor adopts the principle of adding added value to its products and all its work.

As the Sor brand, it is the most important priority for the health and safety of our customers. For this reason, all of our cleaning group products are manufactured and tested in accordance with international standards. To ensure a safe and effective cleaning, our products consist of high quality materials and eco-friendly formulas. In addition, our products pass strict quality control procedures and safety tests during the production process. To ensure that our customers can use our products with confidence, all of our cleaning group products have internationally recognized safety certifications. These certificates guarantee that our products do not contain harmful substances and can be used safely.
You can safely clean by choosing Sor brand products for cleaning works in your home and office.
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Sor is a registered ZER brand under the ZER Quality Guarantee. Zer Group guarantees the quality of Sor branded products. As a company, our goal is to offer our customers products with the highest efficiency rate by using our high technology. It is our principle to act in a way that protects human health and the environment in all our activities.
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