Our story began on the road... We achieved great success in the field of international transport and foreign trade in a short time with our transportation fleet established in Gaziantep in 1991.

We grew as we proceeded. In 2002, we started to produce high-quality and reliable food products under the brand Zer with our Zer Yağ Sanayi factory established in Gaziantep. Today, we lead the way with our products that are loved and consumed not only in the domestic market, but also in 39 different countries.

In 2009, we started to produce table olives with Zer Zeytincilik founded in Aydın. We increased our investments with Zer Salça Konserve factories commissioned in Aydın, Manisa Akhisar and Bursa Karacabey. In our tomato paste and canned food factory opened in Batman, we also continue to produce various sauces and canned food with cutting-edge technologies.

In 2013, we grew more with our ABC tomato paste and canned food factory. Today, as Zer Group, we proceed on our way without slowing down in many areas such as staple food products, house cleaning and personal care. We ensure the sustainability of our quality with our own R&D and control laboratories.

We are very proud to rank among the Top 100 exporters of Turkey for the last 10 years, employ more than 2,000 people with our investments in Turkey and in various countries and successfully represent our country all over the world.


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