Zer Tomato Paste 5/1 x 3 Tin

In the season, the tomatoes collected by kneading with the redness of the sun and transforming into tomato paste that inspires spoon-biting dishes, Zer continues to carry the thousand-year-old tomato paste culture from its professionally equipped factories to the tables. With a daily production capacity of 2500 tons of tomato paste in Bursa, Aydın and Manisa plants, Zer exports tomato paste and canned food to all over the world, especially in the domestic and Middle East markets. In addition to having ISO 22000, 14001 9001 and other quality certificates, %100 natural and local products prepared in accordance with the Halal food concept are used in production.

  • Product Code 20681
  • Brand Zer
  • Package Quantity 3
  • Product Net Weight 4.500 gr
  • Type of Package Tin
  • Type of Sales Packaging Box
%100 Tomatoes,
-Production date, expiry date and serial number are written on the package.
-Store in refrigerator after opening the lid on the product by the addition of (ZER) Sunflower Oil.
-Keep away from sunlight.
-No artificial colour, flavour and preservatives.
-Do not buy swollen or leaked packages.

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