Zer Group of companies is rooted in the companys as quickly and surely take its place among the leaders, for that most important reasons the representative of taht security in good production in the importance given to human resources in health. The essence of the glory based on the human labor as a result of human values like quality and flavor products providing the principle factor for development of human resources for Zer Group Co. Health care quality and taste of the product is well aware of the principle of quality first is through working in human resources.

The name of our group talked about confidence assuming the leadership qualit over the years, human resources to work with qualified human resources as part of the quality system sees signifcant moves before putting new goals with each passing year .

Our group of employees is a company that pursues the target as part of a big family and employee career planning minister who popularized among the all employees.
Among the working culture encourages employees to develop the system knows how to provide structure and cultre of crıtıcsm and suggestions.

Company has acquired the basic princples to achieve the most efficient and accurate production performance on behalf of employees to detect and training of employees according to their copetencies and skills in planning has provided training to gain professional qualifications. 

Work surely continue the the team spirit to develop and collective quality of the work in terms of wealth need a corporate culture to make and self-governing teams creating production life to incorporate actions by prforming weak areas to strengthen in order to ensure it was yesterday as well as today.
Filling out our application form who showing interest in each applicant for Zer Group of Companies, you should know that you should be aware of the applications carefully examined and in order to evaluate open positions within our company all informations would remain in contact information in our database.
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